Abbey Falls: One of the Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Kodagu District of Karnataka

Kodagu district boasts of several must-see places for a discerning tourist visiting this district. Abbey Falls (also spelled as Abbey or Abby Falls) is one of them drawing visitors from all corners of the country and even from abroad. It was earlier called Jessy Falls when the Coorg province was ruled by the British from 1834 to 1947; it was named after Jessy, the daughter of a British Chaplain, who discovered the Falls hidden in a jungle. Subsequently, a private individual acquired the property from the government and the path leading to the Falls now is flanked on either side by the coffee plantations of a private party.

The British planter community living in Coorg province those days called it the Scotland of India in view of its climate and topography resembling that of Scotland. Hence Scotland of India has now become a soubriquet for the Kodagu district.

Hardly about 8 kms from Madikeri Bus Station, Abbey waterfalls presents a spectacular view to the visitors as the water cascades from a cliff from a height of 70 feet into a pool below. The ideal season to visit the falls is between June and October when the sight of the Falls is breathtaking. However, when I visited it in the middle of March 2020, it looked still attractive. Abbey Falls is formed by joining of many mountain streams and brooks and after the waters fall into a pool, it moves on and joins Kaveri River flowing through the Kodagu district.

The entrance to the Abbey Falls starts from the main road in K Nidugane Gram panchayat limits and we have to take a turn to the left and start climbing down the cement steps through a curvy path leading to the Falls. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the Abbey Falls. There is a hanging bridge across the Falls to enable visitors to have a spectacular view of the alluring waterfalls.

The Falls can be visited between 9 am and 5 pm on all days. Entry fee is Rs.15 per individual. A few stalls selling soft drinks, home-made wines, spices, home-made chocolates and food items are located near the Main entrance gate. Parking spaces are available for visitors’ vehicles.

Visitors’ timings: 9 AM to 5 PM on all days.

Pictures (All pics by the author):


Steps leading to Abbey waterfalls. Coffee Estate on either side belongs to a private party.

2020-03-21_09-01-59_112 (1)

Abbey waterfalls near Madikeri town, Kodagu district, Karnataka.

IMG_20200321_085842 (1)

Cascade of water flowing over the cliff.







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