Dubare Elephant Camp at Dubare in Kodagu District of Karnataka

When someone mentions ‘Dasara’ in Mysuru, where the Jumbo Savari takes place during Navaratri celebrations, in the presence of thousands of citizens and tourists, suddenly one is reminded of Dubare Elephant camp in Siddapura taluk of Kodagu district. It is in view of the fact that a few elephants that are maintained here by mahouts are taken to Mysuru for the regal parade during the Jumbo Savari.

Dubare is situated about 15 kms away from Kushalnagar and 28 kms from Madikeri, the headquarters of Kodagu district. During hot weather season you can visit this camp by wading through the Kaveri River when the water flow is dwindling. However, be careful while walking over the rocks and boulders as you might slip and hurt yourself.

Tourists crave to visit Dubare Elephant camp for two reasons: one, to enjoy the sight of big elephants from close quarters and observe their behaviour when they are taken to the river for bathing in the morning as well as evening; two, they love to engage in frolics in the Kaveri river splashing water with their palms on one another in the scorching sun and lowering their body temperature in the natural surroundings.

As you silently watch sitting on a boulder on the Kaveri river bank, your attention is drawn to the waters making gurgling sound while they move over the rocks scattered throughout the breadth of the river, soothing the ears of tourists while a host of birds hopping from branch to branch and from twig to twig of the trees on the banks of the river produce melodious notes as if in an amazing orchestra. World comes alive when the tourists dot the river frolicking in Kaveri waters with gay abandon.

Dubare Elephant camp is maintained by Karnataka Forest Department and an entry fee of Rupees 20 is collected from every visitor to the camp. You can visit the camp either in the morning as well as in the evening. The visitors’ timings are:

Morning: 9 AM to 11.00 AM

Evening: 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM

There are boats available for rafting near Dubare Elephant camp for tourists.

Pictures (All pics by the author):

IMG_20200313_145504 (4)

Kaveri river flowing adjacent to the Dubare Elephant camp. One can cross the river by walking on foot over these rocks.


Placid waters of River Kaveri near Dubare Elephant camp. The perfect place to forget yourself and drown into the inner world!


Danger signal for the adventurous swimmers.IMG_20200313_144645

Danger signals warning tourists not to enter into the corridor of death.

IMG_20200313_165036 (1)

Awesome grandeur of an elephant.


Waiting for its turn to get unchained and proceed to the Kaveri river.


Baby elephant following two elder pachyderms to the Kaveri river to get an evening bath.


Cellphone has become part of a mahout’s life.

IMG_20200313_165552 (1)

Stand still and observe the royal animals.


Tourists seeking attention of the giant creatures.


A youngster in charge of a baby elephant.


6 thoughts on “Dubare Elephant Camp at Dubare in Kodagu District of Karnataka

  1. Hi Venkataramana, I visited and stayed one day last June with my grand kids who had come from US.It is good place to visit with kids.

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